Starbucks announces ban of toxic “forever chemicals” in its food packaging

1 Apr 2022 | Toxic Free Future

On March 15, 2022, international coffee giant Starbucks announced its first-ever commitment to eliminate toxic PFAS in its food packaging materials.

[Press Release] Does Chick-fil-A's packaging contain PFAS?

31 Mar 2022 | Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A has eliminated intentionally added PFAS from all newly produced packaging going forward in our supply chain. 

Years after flags, Wolverine Worldwide plant caught in PFAS probe

30 Mar 2022 | MLive

Investigators have finally made their way to a Wolverine Worldwide facility where the company manufactured shoe parts near the Rogue River, five years after the initial discovery of widespread toxic ‘forever chemical’ pollution in the northern Kent County suburbs.

PFAS in household waste may be going airborne

28 Mar 2022 | Environmental Health News

Now ‘PFAS in air emissions and incineration are becoming more of a focus,’ Lydia Jahl, a science and policy associate for the Green Science Policy Institute, told EHN.

Dangerous PFAS Chemicals Are in Your Food Packaging

24 Mar 2022 | Consumer Reports

PFAS exposure has been linked to a growing list of problems, including immune system suppression, lower birth weight, and increased risk for some cancers. This raises alarms about the use of these compounds, especially in items such as burger wrappers and salad bowls.

How PFAS Can Harm Your Health

24 Mar 2022 | Consumer Reports

Recent Consumer Reports tests of more than 100 food packaging products from U.S. restaurants and supermarkets found dangerous PFAS chemicals in many of the products, including paper bags for french fries, wrappers for hamburgers, molded fiber salad bowls, and single-use paper plates.

‘I don’t know how we’ll survive’: the farmers facing ruin in Maine’s ‘forever chemicals’ crisis

22 Mar 2022 | The Guardian

Songbird Farm’s 17 acres (7 hectares) hold sandy loam fields, three greenhouses and cutover woods that comprise an idyllic setting near Maine’s central coast.

EPA: ‘Forever chemicals’ in pesticide barrels may be illegal

22 Mar 2022

The presence of so-called forever chemicals in pesticides may stem from a violation of federal chemical law, according to an announcement today from EPA.

How the way we eliminate toxic PFAS from water also takes an environmental toll

21 Mar 2022 |

But protecting people’s health has a consequence: The technology most effective at removing PFAS contributes to the carbon footprint.

PFAS cosmetics studies are “springboard” for litigation

18 Mar 2022 | Environmental Health News

Cosmetics companies could face litigation if their products are found to contain PFAS, warn attorneys, as a rash of recent lawsuits hit companies touting themselves as clean but whose products contain evidence of “forever chemicals.”

Study examines the chemical GenX in water: Is it different from other PFAS?

16 Mar 2022

Read the full article by Cory Nealon ( “Last fall, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported that GenX chemicals were more toxic than the ‘forever chemicals’ they were developed to replace. Now, a new University at Buffalo-led study examines what happens when GenX—chemicals used in food packaging, nonstick coating and other products—interacts with water.  Published…

EPA data show almost 900 ‘forever chemical’ foam releases, many into local waterways

15 Mar 2022 | EWG

Data newly released by the Environmental Protection Agency show almost 900 spills or uses of firefighting foam made with the toxic ‘forever chemicals‘ known as PFAS across the U.S. and the amount that entered local waterways.

Nearly 900 spills of toxic firefighting foam occurred over past 30 years

11 Mar 2022 | The Hill

Nearly 900 spills of firefighting foam containing toxic “forever chemicals” have occurred across the country since 1990, new data published by the EPA revealed.

Higher levels of PFAS exposure may increase chance of Covid, studies say

10 Mar 2022 | The Guardian

Read the full article by Tom Perkins (The Guardian) “Higher levels of exposure to toxic PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ may increase the likelihood of Covid-19 infection, more serious symptoms and death, a group of recent studies have found. Public health advocates and researchers have feared since the coronavirus pandemic’s onset that PFAS, which are known to be immunotoxic, could…

Inside FDA’s ‘forever chemicals’ catastrophe

7 Mar 2022 | E&E News

Lawyers for DuPont knew the Food and Drug Administration had a serious concern that the company’s new food packaging product might be toxic.