Connecticut suing 28 companies for PFAS in products

25 Jan 2024 | wtnh

Attorney General William Tong (D-Conn.) is suing companies for knowingly contaminating the state’s waters and natural resources.

Skiers leaving ‘forever chemicals’ on pistes, study finds

25 Jan 2024 | The Guardian

Research finds 14 different types of PFAS chemicals commonly used in ski wax on slopes in Austrian ski resorts.

[Video] CDC urges more blood testing on 'forever chemicals'

19 Jan 2024 | ABC News

A new guidance by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend doctors consider more blood testing for PFAS.

[Video] Artificial turf contains dangerous chemicals like PFAS — and there's no way to discard it safely

19 Jan 2024 | NPR

The artificial turf in many Americans’ backyards and schools is incredibly difficult to get rid of. And it turns out there is no safe way to recycle it.

Could floating plant islands help remove PFAS from waterways in the Cape Fear Basin?

18 Jan 2024 | NC Health News

A recent study by Swedish researchers suggests that plants could play a role in purifying PFAS-contaminated wetlands.

Updated PFAS Guidance for Doctors Omits Follow-Up Tests

18 Jan 2024 | Bloomberg Law

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released clinical guidance and a related fact sheet that it updated following advice it received in a report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the nation’s primary federal advisory institute.

CDC now encouraging doctors to consider more blood testing for “forever chemicals”

18 Jan 2024 | ABC News

Doctors are now being encouraged to consider more blood testing for PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals,” according to guidance released by the CDC.

Wear and Tear May Cause Firefighter Gear to Release More ‘Forever Chemicals’

16 Jan 2024 | NIST

NIST's follow-up study on firefighter turnout gear found over 20 types of PFAS, with increased release during wear and tear, highlighting potential health risks and prompting the need for alternative manufacturing methods to minimize PFAS exposure in protective clothing.

The Cost of Freeing Drinking Water from ‘Forever Chemicals’

15 Jan 2024 | Undark

The U.S. EPA's upcoming standard setting a maximum contaminant level of 4 parts per trillion for PFAS in drinking water is prompting utilities like the Greater Augusta Utility District in Maine to gear up for costly updates, raising concerns about the effectiveness, health impacts, and economic burden of the stringent regulation.

GreenScreen Certification shows packaging is free from PFAS

13 Jan 2024 | New Hope Network

Green Screen for Safer Chemicals, which operates the certification program, examines the chemistry of single-use and reusable packaging products.

Health-Ade hit with class action lawsuit claiming its kombucha contains PFAS

12 Jan 2024 | Reuters

Alanna Morton, a New York resident, filed the lawsuit on Tuesday in Manhattan federal court, claiming the company misleadingly marketed and advertised its kombucha as a “health” product even though it tested positive for dangerously high levels of PFAS.

House Resolution Would Push Accountability For Saint-Gobain’s PFAS Pollution

12 Jan 2024 |

The resolution as written calls for compensation from Saint-Gobain to pay for PFAS-related injuries and treatment, for water and soil to be cleaned.

EPA finalizes new rules for companies producing toxic PFAS chemicals

11 Jan 2024 | WHYY

Companies must now notify the EPA if they want to resume the production of certain PFAS chemicals.

The race to destroy the toxic ‘forever chemicals’ polluting our world

8 Jan 2024 | The Guardian

As countries work to ban more and more PFAS, focus is shifting to how to remove the ones already out there.

Navigating the changing landscape of PFAS regulations

8 Jan 2024 | The Insurer

Navigating the complexities of these regulations requires a proactive approach, including internal risk assessments, documentation, strategic planning, and risk transfer where possible.