[Press Release] EPA adds Blades, Delaware, site to Superfund National Priorities List

1 Sep 2020 | EPA

The primary groundwater contaminants of concern in the Blades area are metals associated with electroplating compounds. PFOS and PFOA have also been found in groundwater and public and residential supply wells.

GenX study shows harm to mice, offspring

1 Sep 2020 | Coastal Review Online

The study compared the toxicity of PFOA and its replacement compound (GenX) in pregnant mice and their developing placenta and embryos. Researchers were surprised that the effects of PFOA and GenX were similar at low doses.

California lawmakers vote to phase out toxic firefighting foam

31 Aug 2020 | LA Times

The measure requires municipal fire departments, chemical plants and oil refineries to gradually stop using the foam.

US research challenge focuses on PFAS foam destruction without incineration

28 Aug 2020 | C&EN

The US government and several states are offering researchers up to $50,000 to design novel ways to destroy PFAS in firefighting foams.

[Press Release] Elevated PFAS levels found in ditch downstream of JCI/Tyco

28 Aug 2020 | Wisconsin DNR

The DNR continues close coordination with JCI/Tyco and is monitoring their progress to investigate and address PFAS contamination in the Marinette area.

Frustrated families in Summerville, Ga. wait for water solutions

28 Aug 2020 | News Channel 9

Back in January, the EPA found PFOS and PFOA in the water, above the recommended levels.

Environmental groups push for rule on firefighting foam, decry industry influence

28 Aug 2020 | The Journal Times

The Natural Resources Board earlier this month voted to table a rule that would establish guidelines on containment and disposal of PFAS containing firefighting foam after industry groups and some Republican lawmakers voiced their objections.

[Press Release] EPA, U.S. Department of Defense, and state partners launch technical challenge seeking innovative ways to destroy PFAS in firefighting foam

25 Aug 2020 | EPA Press Office

The goal is to discover new non-thermal technologies and approaches that can remove PFAS in unused aqueous film forming firefighting foam, without creating any harmful byproducts.

Are forever chemicals harming ocean life?

25 Aug 2020 | EcoWatch

Once in the ocean, PFAS can persist for decades or longer — and travel long distances.

Thousands allowed to bypass environmental rules in pandemic

24 Aug 2020 | Associated Press

North Carolina allowed Chemours Co., which is cleaning up PFAS in drinking water, to pause sampling of residential wells. Saint-Gobain, whose New Hampshire plant has been linked by the state to water contaminated with PFAS, has requested delaying smokestack upgrades.

Geologists study Clarendon Gorge to map the spread of PFAS

23 Aug 2020 | VTDigger

The intend of the study is to track the spread of PFAS near the Rutland-Southern Vermont Regional Airport and determine how they travel through the aquifer to the drinking wells of nearby residents.

The battle for Decatur: PFAS contamination divides an Alabama town

23 Aug 2020 | The Intercept

This is just one of a series of conflicts playing out throughout the United States. In countless communities where PFAS have been discovered, residents are now grappling with — and sometimes fighting over — how to force powerful companies to clean them up.

Michigan claims PFAS makers hid firefighting foam danger in new lawsuits

21 Aug 2020 | MLive.com

Michigan Attorney General has filed dual lawsuits in state and federal court against multiple companies that manufacturer, sell or distribute a type of chemical-based firefighting foam that has led to widespread environmental contamination.

3M strikes deal to clean Tennessee River

19 Aug 2020 | AON

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management has struck a deal with the 3M Company to clean up chemicals that it admitted to illegally releasing into the Tennessee River over a 10-year period. The agreement requires the company to clean up the chemicals and identify affected sites.

Effect of PFAS on children’s immune system studied

17 Aug 2020 | Foster's Daily Democrat

Testing For Pease is the community partner of the Silent Spring Institute for a children’s health study looking at how PFAS impacts immune function in kids. They hope to get 60 children from the Pease community and 60 from Cape Cod for their study.