Federal PFAS Report Card

June 13, 2022

Read the full article by John E. Reeder and Olivia Backhaus (EWG)

"EWG has researched actions the federal government is committed to taking, or for which it faces congressionally mandated deadlines, to tackle the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS.

To track progress on these actions, we created a federal PFAS action report card, dividing the actions into categories. Actions are labeled:

  • “Pending” if the deadline falls within the current period (for instance, spring 2022) or a future period, and the action is not yet complete.
  • “Overdue” if the deadline falls within any previous period and is not complete.
  • “Partly complete” if at least one published interim milestone has been met by the agency, but additional milestones are due before the action can be considered complete.
  • “Completed” if the action was finalized within the current period or any previous period

We scored partly complete actions as complete for the purpose of reporting progress.

EWG used information from publicly available federal websites to compile report card milestones. In some cases, federal agencies volunteered additional information to clarify the status of actions."