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  • EPA's push to tighten PFAS reporting will benefit the state, regulators say


    9 Dec 2022 | Sante Fe New Mexican

    The U.S. EPA is proposing stricter rules for reporting the release of cancer-causing chemicals into the environment, a change that state regulators say would aid their efforts to combat a widespread health hazard throughout New Mexico.

  • Thousands of Farms Warned About Toxic PFAS From Military Bases; No Fix In Sight


    20 Sep 2021 | 7News

    Public information requests reveal contact information for more than 50,000 farmers was handed over to the Department of Defense so the military could make notifications about an invisible enemy that could threaten their livelihoods.

  • Officials push for national PFAS drinking water standard


    9 Jun 2021 | AP News

    Setting a national drinking water standard will be important in addressing contamination at military bases and communities throughout the U.S.

  • NMED investigates size of PFAS plumes


    7 Jun 2021 | NM Political Report

    The investigation will look into where public and private water sources could be contaminated and how wildlife may be impacted by the chemicals in Curry and Roosevelt counties, New Mexico.

  • ‘Forever chemicals’ found in Los Alamos waters


    24 Feb 2021 | New Mexico PBS

    While most water samples around the Los Alamos National Laboratory contained only trace levels of PFAS, some were 60 to 60,000 times the recommended lifetime exposure limit.

  • More steps to be taken against PFAS in drinking water


    9 Dec 2020 | EHS Daily Advisor

    Federal measures include a new permitting strategy for addressing PFAS in EPA-issued NPDES wastewater permits and analytical methods for measuring 40 additional PFAS.

  • State PFAS enforcement against the federal government – irresistible force meets immovable object?


    30 Oct 2020 | Fox Rothschild

    The Department of Defense, the entity that in many states is seen as a significant potentially responsible party with respect to PFAS contamination related to AFFF usage, has raised numerous defenses and objections to state enforcement and litigation efforts, from sovereign immunity to arguments based on the absence of PFAS from the list of CERCLA hazardous substances, to challenges to the validity of state regulatory standards for PFAS.

  • Did the White House stop the EPA from regulating PFAS?


    29 Sep 2020 | The Intercept

    A proposal to designate PFOA and PFOS as hazardous substances has been sitting at the White House for more than a year.

  • The latest on PFAS and drinking water


    12 Aug 2020 | EHS Daily Advisor

    States with adopted PFAS limits in drinking water include CA, CT, CO, MN, NC, NH, NJ, and VT, and states with proposed limits include IL, MA, MI, and NY.

  • State fines Air Force $1.7M over base wastewater monitoring near Clovis


    9 Jan 2020 | Santa Fe New Mexican

    Under the New Mexican state law, the Air Force is supposed to monitor its wastewater but has failed to do so. Aside from PFAS chemicals, the wastewater likely contains other pollutants, including nitrate, chloride, Kjeldahl nitrogen and dissolved metals that exceed state standards.

  • America’s dairyland may have a PFAS problem


    11 Oct 2019 | NRDC

    The toxic chemicals have been showing up in milk around the country. Anna Reade, an NRDC staff scientist specializing in toxic chemicals, suggests that state agencies test sludge before it’s spread on fields and milk before it goes to market. Then officials could see where the highest PFAS concentrations are coming from.

  • New Mexico Governor says EPA abandoned state in fight against toxic 'forever chemicals'


    7 Aug 2019 | The Hill

    New Mexico sued the Air Force for PFAS contamination in March, and Lujan Grisham’s letter criticizes EPA for reneging on a promise from Wheeler to help the state “with legal and technical assistance in a confidential manner.” “Providing fact sheets and offering webinars are not meaningful,” she wrote.

  • Michigan is tiptoeing around PFAS in dairy agriculture


    30 Jul 2019 | MLive

    Michigan punted on testing an Allegan County dairy farm because it worried about killing the farmer’s business.