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  • What consumers can do as regulators weigh ‘compounds’ risk


    20 Jul 2019 | Associated Press

    It’s probably impossible to avoid all exposures, says Leonardo Trasande, a children’s environmental health specialist and vice chair for research at New York University’s pediatrics department, and a PFAS expert. But there are “safe and simple steps to limit exposure based on what we know.”

  • 3M could face huge cleanup costs over substance in Scotchgard


    15 Jul 2019 | Star Tribune

    New federal laws will soon address a national chemical pollution problem and could put 3M and other producers of PFAS into a multibillion-dollar financial bind.

  • Associations of Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances With Incident Diabetes and Microvascular Disease


    15 Jul 2019 | Diabetes Care

    PFAS in blood plasma was associated with diabetes and microvascular disease.

  • Perfluorooctanoate and changes in anthropometric parameters with age in young girls in the Greater Cincinnati and San Francisco Bay Area


    15 Jul 2019 | Int J Hyg Environ Health

    PFOA is associated with decreased Body Mass Index and waist/height ratio in young girls.

  • How toxic ‘forever chemicals’ made their way into your food


    14 Jul 2019 | The Hill

    While the use of clean human or animal waste for fertilizing fields is logical and ecologically sensible, spreading sludge known to be contaminated with chemicals that don’t break down and are absorbed by plants and farm animals is not.

  • A new drinking water crisis hits US military bases across the nation


    13 Jul 2019 | CNBC

    The Department of Defense has spent more than $550 million on PFAS investigations and responses including providing bottled water and in-home water filtration systems. But DOD has not come up with a plan to actually clean up the PFAS contamination across the country, something the Pentagon roughly estimated could cost $2 billion. CNBC went to some of the communities near military bases to see how PFAS contamination is playing out today. Watch the video to hear from impacted citizens, veterans and military officials.

  • House measure would declare PFAS chemicals hazardous under Superfund law


    12 Jul 2019 | The Detroit News

    The U.S. House approved in a 220-197 vote a defense authorization bill that would designate all toxic fluorinated chemicals as hazardous substances under the Superfund program within a year and phase out military fire-fighting foam containing PFAS by 2025, rather than 2029 as called for in the underlying National Defense Authorization Act.

  • Trump promises to veto a bill banning the military from using toxic products with PFAS


    11 Jul 2019 | Pacific Standard

    US President Donald Trump threatened to veto a defense spending bill with an amendment that restricts the use of a toxic chemical compound found in firefighting foams. Several provisions in the bill, introduced in the House of Representatives, would require the United States Department of Defense to switch to safer foams without PFAS... The bill would also require the military to pay to clean up sites where its activities have contaminated the water, including farms and watersheds, and classify the areas as Superfund sites.

  • A vote this week may help launch changes to federal PFAS oversight


    10 Jul 2019 | MLive

    Congress is looking at a wave of proposed PFAS legislation, including several amendments added to the military spending bill for 2020. If the U.S. House of Representatives votes as expected this week on its version of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2020, environmental proponents say, they’re likely to include measures that would strengthen PFAS requirements for the federal government and military...

  • House gearing up for PFAS in defense bill


    9 Jul 2019

    The U.S. House of Representatives takes up work this week on what could become its own version of major PFAS legislation attached to the National Defense Authorization Act.

  • PFAS sleuths seek ‘forever chemical’ fingerprints


    9 Jul 2019 | Bloomberg Environment

    Scientists push to identify sources of PFAS contamination. Stronger evidence could bolster hundreds of lawsuits, regulatory cleanup...

  • 3M stock is the biggest loser in the Dow today. This is why


    5 Jul 2019 | Barron’s

    3M has hit a rough patch, facing new environmental liabilities at the same time that global economic growth is slowing. The concerns have led investors to sell 3M stock (ticker: MMM), driving down its price by more than 20% from its 52-week high. 

  • Farmers losing everything after ‘forever chemicals’ turned up in their food


    2 Jul 2019 | BuzzFeed News

    ’Forever chemicals’ linked to cancer are turning up in farm produce across the country, leading farms to lay off workers, incinerate cranberry harvests, kill cows, and dump thousands of gallons of dairy milk. Such long-lived "fluorinated" compounds have been measured in the drinking water in over 600 locations in 43 states, near factories or military bases that use them in firefighting foams…

  • Chemours says DuPont lowballed environmental liabilities


    1 Jul 2019 | Washington Post

    Chemours, a spinoff of DuPont’s Performance Chemicals unit, filed a recently unsealed lawsuit against DuPont, claiming that the maximum liability exposure figures that DuPont certified prior to the spinoff have proven to be “systematically and spectacularly wrong.”

  • Senate vote requires military, EPA to deal with harmful 'forever chemicals'


    27 Jun 2019 | The Hill

    The Senate passed the 2020 Defense Spending Bill including a bipartisan amendment that would commission the U.S. Geological Survey to track PFAS contamination nationwide and require public utilities to test drinking water for PFAS. The House is expected to vote on this legislation in July.