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  • As more PFAS contamination is found, federal action becomes more urgent


    15 Jan 2020 | BDN

    As we’ve learned from the containment and removal of other hazardous substances, costs only grow as action is delayed.

  • House passes sweeping bill to target spread of toxic ‘forever chemicals’


    10 Jan 2020 | The Hill

    Under the bill the EPA would be required to set a mandatory drinking water standard for PFAS. The bill includes a number of other measures that would further regulate PFAS, including requiring PFAS to be covered under the hazardous waste cleanup law, and imposes a five-year moratorium on the development of new PFAS chemicals.

  • House plans to take up sweeping new PFAS bill with waste implications


    7 Jan 2020 | Industry Dive

    While some waste companies have been wary of PFAS legislation, others are open to the potential upside.

  • Broad-ranging PFAS chemicals bill on House floor next week


    3 Jan 2020 | Bloomberg Environment

    The House expects to begin considering a bill that would push the EPA to create nationwide protective measures against PFAS, and could vote on passage Jan. 10, according to an aide to House Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.)

  • Lawmakers back to square one on 'forever chemicals'


    26 Dec 2019 | The Hill

    Lawmakers must largely start anew after a major attempt to regulate a cancer-linked chemical that is spreading into the water supply across the United States was stripped from legislation this week, striking the best bet in years to address the problem.

  • U.S. EPA: Interim Recommendations for Addressing Groundwater Contaminated with PFOA and PFOS


    26 Dec 2019

    The U.S. EPA released its interim recommendations for cleanup guidance for CERCLA, RCRA, and other federal cleanup programs.

  • [IATP Blog] Maine’s plan to address “forever chemicals” polluting farms, water and food


    13 Dec 2019

    Virtually all sludge has tested positive for PFOA and/or PFOS, generally two to three times the State’s screening level of 50 ppt, with some results as high as 20 times this level.

  • How PFAS negotiations fell apart


    13 Dec 2019 | E&E News

    Before Democrats managed to secure provisions to address a class of toxic chemicals in an annual defense measure, negotiations fell apart at the hands of their own members... "The American Chemistry Council probably has something to do with it," Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) told reporters.

  • Trump administration, GOP strip out PFAS standard, cleanup requirements from defense bill


    10 Dec 2019 | Detroit Free Press

    “While it’s good news that the Defense Department will finally phase out PFAS in firefighting foam and food packaging, communities desperately need Congress to tackle industrial PFAS releases into the air and water and to require DOD to clean up legacy PFAS pollution," said Scott Faber, an official with the Environmental Working Group.

  • Topic of Cancer: How PFAS threaten our water


    10 Dec 2019 | Capital & Main

    What’s more, while the persistent and mobile nature of PFAS chemicals means that no neighborhood is safe from contamination, smaller water systems—particularly those serving disadvantaged communities—face an uphill task in tackling the problem due to the higher probability of aging infrastructure and limited resources, as compared to larger utilities.

  • Government studying widely used chemicals linked to health issues


    5 Dec 2019 | The New York Times

    The federal government has started the first in a series of detailed studies of the impact the chemicals have had on human health.The goal is to determine what role the chemicals, known generally as PFAS, play in a long list of health conditions including thyroid, kidney, liver, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, among other ailments.

  • Commentary: What ‘Dark Waters’ reveals about corporate science


    2 Dec 2019 | Chicago Tribune

    When government agencies consider potentially harmful exposures and activities... they should insist the regulated industries... be required to pay for the research, but the studies... be conducted by scientists without conflicts of interest, under provisions that ensure their complete independence.

  • What ‘Dark Waters’ reveals about corporate science


    26 Nov 2019 | Bloomberg Opinion

    When the first public concerns abound the compound emerged, DuPont did what too many corporations do: They took a page from Big Tobacco’s playbook and hired a firm to sow doubt about the scientific evidence.

  • Top U.S. toxicologist was barred from saying PFAS cause disease in humans. She’s saying it now


    24 Oct 2019 | The Intercept

    “I was banned from doing it,” said Birnbaum. “I had to use ‘association’ all the time. If I was talking about human data or impacts on people, I had to always say there was an association with a laundry list of effects.”

  • 10 toxic ‘forever chemicals’ found in Louisville, KY, tap water


    22 Oct 2019 | EWG News

    The highest level of any single PFAS detected in the EWG sample collected in Louisville was 22 ppt of a compound known as GenX. It is a replacement chemical for PFOA, which was used to make Teflon before U.S. manufacturers phased it out of production under pressure from the EPA. The EPA’s research has found that GenX is nearly as toxic as the PFOA it replaced, and DuPont, its original manufacturer, has provided test results to the EPA showing that GenX caused cancer in lab animals.