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‘We can never get to zero’: Organics recyclers face hard choices in responding to PFAS contamination

19 Oct 2020 | WasteDrive

In January of this year, the Michigan city of Ann Arbor announced a grim discovery: traces of a notorious group of toxic chemicals had cropped up in the city’s compost facility.

[Press Release] Study: More than 200 million Americans could have toxic PFAS in their drinking water

16 Oct 2020 | EurekAlert

PFAS pollution is affecting even more Americans than we previously estimated. They are likely detectable in all major water supplies in the U.S., almost certainly in all that use surface water.

Gillibrand joins letter urging management of dangerous fire suppressant chemicals that contaminated Fort Drum

14 Oct 2020 | NNY 360

The letter details how PFAS have become a major contaminant in drinking water sources for more than 650 American military bases across the world.

Young, Senate colleagues urge inclusion in NDAA of toxic chemical prevention provisions

13 Oct 2020 | Ripon Advance News Service

The bipartisan group of lawmakers is requesting inclusion of several provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act that would help prevent the potential harm caused by toxic PFAS at American military bases.

Pease Health Study on PFAS in water set to resume

9 Oct 2020 | Seacoast Online

Thousands of people working at Pease International Tradeport, along with children and infants who attended two day cares there, were exposed to multiple PFAS chemicals from contaminated water in the city-owned Haven well until its closure in 2014. The water was contaminated by firefighting foam used at the former Pease Air Force Base.

[Op-ed] PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ are widespread and threaten human health – here’s a strategy for protecting the public

9 Oct 2020 | The Conversation US

Given that PFAS pollution is so ubiquitous and hard to remove, many health experts assert that the only way to address it is by reducing PFAS production and use as much as possible.

Michigan PFAS activist has cancer, says she’s not surprised

7 Oct 2020 | The Detroit News

She has lived for more than 30 years across from a a site where Wolverine Worldwide dumped PFAS-tainted sludge.

[Press Release] MDE releases report on sampling for PFAS in St. Mary’s River surface water and oysters

5 Oct 2020 | EIN Presswire

The Maryland study found no detections of PFAS in oysters. Surface water concentrations ranged from 2.3 to 13.5 ng/L. Starting this year, MDE will begin to sample for PFAS in recreationally fish.

New ‘forever chemicals’ are contaminating the environment, regulators say

1 Oct 2020 | Consumer Reports

Efforts to oversee one PFAS compound from the chemical company Solvay illustrate the challenges officials face.

Toxic PFAS found in livers of Atlantic seabirds, including those in NC

1 Oct 2020 | The Progressive Pulse

The most abundant type of PFAS found was PFOS, a chemical used in stain repellants like Scotchgard until it was phased out of production in the early 2000s.

California law bans toxic PFAS from firefighting foam

30 Sep 2020 | EWG

The law bans the manufacture, sale and use of firefighting foam containing PFAS from use in most applications by January 1, 2022.

Did the White House stop the EPA from regulating PFAS?

29 Sep 2020 | The Intercept

A proposal to designate PFOA and PFOS as hazardous substances has been sitting at the White House for more than a year.

OECD report on PFAS alternatives for food packaging

28 Sep 2020 | Food Packaging Forum

A recent OECD report finds non-fluorinated alternatives to PFAS in paper and board coatings available and effective, with market uptake primarily limited by increase in price. The report encourages governments to “further disseminate information on the potential health and environmental risks of PFAS and non-PFAS alternatives” and to “consider funding research into non-PFAS alternatives, including an understanding of their functionality, costs and potential health and environmental risks.”

Massachusetts finalizes drinking water standard for PFAS

28 Sep 2020 | The National Law Review

Massachusetts is establishing a drinking water limit of 20 ppt for six PFAS, combined.

Why dangerous 'forever chemicals' are still allowed in America's drinking water

24 Sep 2020 | Consumer Reports

PFAS compounds are also ubiquitous, used in a range of products, from food-delivery boxes to nonstick cookware to stain-resistant clothing. But one of the most troubling routes to PFAS exposure is drinking water that has been contaminated by discharges from factories and other facilities

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