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Texas Farms Detail PFAS Contamination in Lawsuit Over Biosolids Fertilizer

26 Feb 2024 | Progressive Farmer

With regulation of sewage-sludge fertilizer mostly unsettled nationally, a pair of Texas farms are suing the waste recycling and biosolids company Synagro for selling fertilizer that the farmers allege has affected their health, contaminated their water supply and left their fields and livestock with dangerous testing levels of "forever chemicals."

Personal injury firms look for people exposed to PFAS from Joint Base Cape Cod

26 Feb 2024 | wbur

Across the country, more than 10,000 people — many veterans and firefighters — have joined a lawsuit over exposure to toxic PFAS chemicals.

United Nations criticizes ‘forever chemical’ contamination in North Carolina

22 Feb 2024 | The Hill

“Even as DuPont and Chemours had information about the toxic impacts of PFAS on human health and drinking water, the companies continued to produce and discharge PFAS,” they said.

Frustrated Greenwich residents say not enough being done to fix toxic PFAS chemicals in water supply

22 Feb 2024 | Greenwich Time

Residents say they are frustrated by what they see as the town's piecemeal and convoluted approach to water testing and contamination, and many of them said so during a recent presentation on regulation and prohibition of toxic chemicals in the water supply.

How to talk to doctors about the potential health risks of PFAS

20 Feb 2024 | KXLY

ONeal is a nurse who lives in the area where it appears to be contaminated with PFAS. ONeal says to educate yourself, because many doctors and health providers might not be familiar with PFAS.

New study reveals diet link to PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ in human body

20 Feb 2024 | The Guardian

US research shows foods such as butter and processed meat are likely to increase levels of toxic PFAS in blood over time.

Skiers, including Jessie Diggins, adjust to using wax without PFAS

20 Feb 2024 | CBS News

To enforce the ban, skis are tested before races - sort of like how athletes are tested for performance enhancing drugs.

New PFAS blood test for sale for West Plains residents affected by the dangerous chemical

20 Feb 2024 | The Spokesman-Review

Quest Diagnostics is offering a PFAS blood test available to anyone 18 and older. Though costing several hundred dollars out of pocket, the service is a step toward accessibility for those at high risk of PFAS exposure.

Escalating Regulatory Measures against PFAS: A Necessity for Health and Environment

20 Feb 2024 | Medriva

While the challenges posed by PFAS are significant, the escalating regulatory measures and the advancements in technology for the detection and destruction of these chemicals provide hope.

The Catch-22 of limiting our PFAS exposure

19 Feb 2024 | Maine Morning Star

Without comprehensive reporting of PFAS, we can’t begin to get a grip on this insidious contamination.

PFAS: Can we adapt to live without?

19 Feb 2024 | Medical Press

"We lived for thousands of years without this stuff. Do we need it?" said Susan Richardson, a University of South Carolina scientist who has studied PFAS for decades.

New NIST Database of ‘Forever Chemicals’ Will Help Scientists Monitor Environmental Pollution

15 Feb 2024 | NIST

To address this issue, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a database that can help others identify and categorize PFAS in chemical analysis data, including “untargeted” chemical analysis data containing information on both known PFAS and unknown PFAS that may be lurking in a sample.

EPA named 9 new ‘forever chemicals’ it wants out of supply chains

15 Feb 2024 | GreenBiz

Manufacturers who use PFAS were unsurprised by the EPA’s announcement, according to Kent Sorenson, chief technology officer at Allonnia, a bioremediation company.

Superior Court rules in favor of AG Stein’s suit to put DuPont’s subsidiaries on the hook for PFAS damages

13 Feb 2024 | Port City Daily

A superior court judge put forward an order Wednesday to make DuPont’s subsidiaries liable for PFAS contamination caused by the original company if deemed responsible for damages alleged in a lawsuit filed by attorney general Josh Stein.

The plastic pandemic takes a $249 billion toll on health every year

12 Feb 2024

A new scientific study concludes that harmful chemicals, including PFAS, in plastics cost the US $249 billion in yearly health costs.

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