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  • Duke study to determine source, effects of PFAS chemicals in Haw River


    4 Aug 2019 | The Fayetteville Observer

    Researchers have identified and documented contamination in the town’s drinking water for decades, but there’s been little done about it and almost no outcry.

  • Michigan may become 1st state to regulate GenX chemicals


    29 Jul 2019 | MLive

    Michigan’s efforts to advance PFAS regulation broadened this summer when it added a newer form of the toxic chemical family to its drinking water scrutiny. The move comes as the state expects this year to start receiving laboratory test results that will show whether that chemical, known as GenX, is…

  • ‘Markedly higher’ levels of 2 PFAS found in blood of NC residents, CDC reports


    26 Jul 2019

    The study conducted by the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services with the CDC found two PFAS (PFHxS and n-PFOS) “markedly higher” in the people drinking contaminated water in N.C. than the national estimates. GenX was not detected in the blood or urine of any of the participants, but nine PFAS were detected in blood.

  • Notes from the Field: Targeted Biomonitoring for GenX and Other Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Following Detection of Drinking Water Contamination - North Carolina, 2018


    26 Jul 2019 | MMWR Morb. Mortal. Wkly. Rep.

    Biomonitoring of 837 private well and select owners for the presence of GenX and 17 other common PFAS, due to exposure by manufacturing facilities.

  • Ardmore refinery sues chemical manufacturers for toxic ‘forever chemical’


    25 Jul 2019 | The Frontier

    An Oklahoma petroleum refinery has sued several chemical manufacturers and fire suppression equipment companies for damages it expects to incur because of a type of chemical that was used in the fire-extinguishing foam stored and used at the refinery.

  • Cationic polymer for selective removal of GenX and short-chain PFAS from surface waters and wastewaters at ng/L levels


    22 Jul 2019 | Water Research

    Efficient removal of short and long-chain PFAS, including GenX was accomplished using a cationic polymer in surface and wastewaters, as a potential PFAS control technique.

  • North Carolina: Soil samples to be taken as part of GenX agreement


    20 Jul 2019 | The Fayetteville Observer

    Chemours, the company that makes GenX has agreed to take soil samples. The company is also to pay a $12 million penalty and $1 million in investigative costs to the state, submit monthly reports about its GenX emissions, and provide drinking water to homes near the plant that have elevated levels of GenX.

  • Michigan proposes strong, yet incomplete PFAS protections


    1 Jul 2019 | NRDC Expert Blog

    Michigan is proposing some of the most health-protective standards in the nation for several PFAS—yet could be missing out on the opportunity to protect its citizens in the long-term. Michigan has performed the most comprehensive PFAS monitoring in the nation, and the state has begun taking steps to protect it citizens from the health risk these dangerous ‘forever’ chemicals pose. Among the monitoring results, it was discovered that over 100 of their public water systems are contaminated with PFAS—affecting approximately 1.5 million of its citizens…

  • Chemours says DuPont lowballed environmental liabilities


    1 Jul 2019 | Washington Post

    Chemours, a spinoff of DuPont’s Performance Chemicals unit, filed a recently unsealed lawsuit against DuPont, claiming that the maximum liability exposure figures that DuPont certified prior to the spinoff have proven to be “systematically and spectacularly wrong.”

  • Europe: GenX declared a Substance of Very High Concern


    28 Jun 2019

    The EU Member State Committee voted to identify HFPO-DA (aka. GenX), as a substance of very high concern due to its probable serious effects on human health and the environment.

  • Michigan: Recommended PFAS health-based drinking water values


    27 Jun 2019

    Michigan Science Advisory Workgroup's recommended health-based drinking water values for 7 PFAS.  This information will be used to develop regulatory drinking water standards for PFAS by April 2020.

  • Michigan eyes toughest limits for some PFAS in drinking water


    25 Jun 2019 | MLive

    “LANSING, MI — Michigan could have some of the nation’s toughest drinking water limits for toxic fluorochemicals called PFAS if goals proposed by a state scientific workgroup survive the environmental rulemaking process unchanged and become law. On Thursday, June 27, the Michigan PFAS Action Response Team (MPART) received “health-based values” for seven separate PFAS compounds from an advisory panel tasked with recommending regulatory limits for the chemicals in public water supplies…

  • Development of an oral reference dose for the perfluorinated compound GenX


    18 Jun 2019 | J Appl Toxicol

    An oral reference dose was developed for GenX to aid risk assessors and regulators in establishing a health-protective drinking water standard.

  • A guide to the PFAS found in our environment


    22 May 2019 | Chemical & Engineering News

    C&E News has put together an interactive library of notable PFAS, including chemical structures and background information.

  • New Jersey sues companies over PFAS contamination


    15 May 2019 | StateImpact Pennsylvania

    New Jersey filed a lawsuit Tuesday against eight manufacturers and sellers of firefighting foam that included forms of Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, a class of unregulated toxic chemicals that has polluted soil and water nationwide. The lawsuit, filed in the state’s Superior Court, alleges consumer and environmental fraud.…