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  • How toxic ‘forever chemicals’ made their way into your food


    14 Jul 2019 | The Hill

    While the use of clean human or animal waste for fertilizing fields is logical and ecologically sensible, spreading sludge known to be contaminated with chemicals that don’t break down and are absorbed by plants and farm animals is not.

  • Wisconsin grapples with ‘green’ waste plants that spread hazardous PFAS


    23 Jun 2019 | Wisconsin State Journal

    Wisconsin pollution regulators have come to realize that sludge from wastewater treatment plants may be spreading hazardous industrial chemicals in ways that could increase health risks. Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District injects 37 million gallons of sludge into soil each year but doesn't test for PFAS.

  • The hunt for PFAS turns to Michigan farms using human waste as fertilizer


    19 Jun 2019 | MLive

    The hunt for PFAS in Michigan is turning to farm fields, where concerns are growing about possible contamination in treated human waste used as fertilizer. This month, scientists are analyzing test results from more than a dozen state agricultural sites that received the the fertilizer from wastewater treatment plants that were flagged in 2018 for high concentrations of the chemicals flowing into their systems from industrial sources or landfills...

  • Maine dairy farm plagued by chemical contaminants may be ‘tip of the toxic iceberg’


    26 Mar 2019 | York County Coast Star

    More than two years after learning drinking water and milk tanks on his 100-year-old Stoneridge Farm were contaminated with a class of chemicals linked to cancer and other health concerns, farmer Fred Stone still can’t sell his milk and is losing hundreds of dollars a day, every day.…

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