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  • America’s dairyland may have a PFAS problem


    11 Oct 2019 | NRDC

    The toxic chemicals have been showing up in milk around the country. Anna Reade, an NRDC staff scientist specializing in toxic chemicals, suggests that state agencies test sludge before it’s spread on fields and milk before it goes to market. Then officials could see where the highest PFAS concentrations are coming from.

  • Maine’s ‘forever chemical’ restrictions not applied to compost


    20 Aug 2019 | Portland Press Herald

    State environmental regulators have allowed companies to sell compost made with treated municipal sludge to the public this summer, even as they restrict the use of sludge on many farm fields because of concerns about chemical contamination.

  • Maine dairy farmer’s blood tests high for ‘forever chemicals’ from toxic sludge


    16 Aug 2019 | York County Coast Star

    Blood tests performed on Arundel dairy farmer Fred Stone show levels of the “forever chemicals” 20 times the national average more than two years after he and his wife stopped drinking the milk and water on the farm.

  • Michigan is tiptoeing around PFAS in dairy agriculture


    30 Jul 2019 | MLive

    Michigan punted on testing an Allegan County dairy farm because it worried about killing the farmer’s business.

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