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  • House plans to take up sweeping new PFAS bill with waste implications


    7 Jan 2020 | Industry Dive

    While some waste companies have been wary of PFAS legislation, others are open to the potential upside.

  • Broad-ranging PFAS chemicals bill on House floor next week


    3 Jan 2020 | Bloomberg Environment

    The House expects to begin considering a bill that would push the EPA to create nationwide protective measures against PFAS, and could vote on passage Jan. 10, according to an aide to House Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.)

  • Lawmakers back to square one on 'forever chemicals'


    26 Dec 2019 | The Hill

    Lawmakers must largely start anew after a major attempt to regulate a cancer-linked chemical that is spreading into the water supply across the United States was stripped from legislation this week, striking the best bet in years to address the problem.

  • New York moves to ban ‘forever chemicals’ in firefighting foam


    26 Dec 2019 | Bloomberg Environment

    New York enacted a ban on the use, manufacture, sale, or distribution of firefighting foam and equipment containing fluorinated chemicals known as PFAS, unless no viable alternatives are available.

  • European countries announce plan to phase out toxic PFAS chemicals by 2030


    26 Dec 2019 | The Intercept

    Enviornmental officials from Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark today announced a plan to restrict all PFAS compounds under Europe’s chemical regulations framework.

  • Federal bill tackles toxic PFAS chemicals ground water but food packaging still a concern


    19 Dec 2019 | Komo News

    Under the new bill, the military will phase out the use of PFAS over three years. Biophysical Chemist Arlene Blum, executive director of the Green Science Policy Institute, says it's a big first step.

  • Trump administration, GOP strip out PFAS standard, cleanup requirements from defense bill


    10 Dec 2019 | Detroit Free Press

    “While it’s good news that the Defense Department will finally phase out PFAS in firefighting foam and food packaging, communities desperately need Congress to tackle industrial PFAS releases into the air and water and to require DOD to clean up legacy PFAS pollution," said Scott Faber, an official with the Environmental Working Group.

  • Trump administration, GOP strip out PFAS standard, cleanup requirements from defense bill


    10 Dec 2019

    U.S. Sen. Gary Peters, D-MI acknowledged some key provisions were taken out, including requiring that a standard be set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Administration that would require intervention when it was exceeded. However, the legislation still contains key provisions to help reduce PFAS contamination, especially as it relates to military uses.

  • Topic of Cancer: How PFAS threaten our water


    10 Dec 2019 | Capital & Main

    What’s more, while the persistent and mobile nature of PFAS chemicals means that no neighborhood is safe from contamination, smaller water systems—particularly those serving disadvantaged communities—face an uphill task in tackling the problem due to the higher probability of aging infrastructure and limited resources, as compared to larger utilities.

  • Defense bill boosts climate resilience, ends PFAS foam use (2)


    10 Dec 2019 | Bloomberg Environment

    “The provisions for nationwide water testing and phasing out PFAS in military firefighting foam are a major milestone in the fight against PFAS,” Tom Bruton, a senior scientist at the Green Science Policy Institute, said in a statement. “Just a few years ago achieving these critical protections, especially the foam phaseout, seemed impossible.”

  • Environmental group laments PFAS provisions missing from federal bill


    9 Dec 2019 | WAMC

    The annual federal defense bill, known as the National Defense Authorization Act, does not include certain provisions that would address PFAS water contamination. A Washington-based nonprofit group accuses Congress of caving on cleaning up the toxic substances.

  • House Democrats pull key PFAS provisions from defense bill


    6 Dec 2019 | Politico

    House Armed Services Chairman Adam Smith (D-Wash.) and Energy and Commerce Chairman Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) have pulled from negotiations the provisions that would force the cleanup of the chemicals PFOA and PFOS under the Superfund law and to regulate them in drinking water. The Superfund provision, in particular, had been a major source of tension as House and Senate negotiators seek to finalize a deal on the defense bill this week.

  • Mark Ruffalo hopes his ‘Dark Waters’ film leads to environmental ‘revolution’


    20 Nov 2019 | Roll Call

    “Are we a country that is going to be responsive to people and make sure that our people remain healthy?” star of the upcoming film “Dark Waters,” asked a crowd gathered Tuesday on Capitol Hill. “Or are we going to be responsible only to the bottom line of corporations and their greed? Because right now the people are losing.”

  • Congress close to striking landmark PFAS deal, Chairman says


    14 Nov 2019 | Bloomberg Environment

    Congress’ two chambers have largely resolved their differences over which provisions relating to “forever chemicals” should stay in an annual defense authorization bill, the House Armed Services Committee chairman said Nov. 13.

  • Congress Quickly Losing Patience With EPA on PFAS


    31 Oct 2019

    Republicans and Democrats alike on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee said the agency is moving too slowly to set minimum standards for the presence of PFAS in water.