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  • Filling gaps in science exposes gaps in chemical regulation


    24 Jun 2020

    The regulation of chemicals should protect public health and the environment from undue risk of harm, should promote the development and use of safer alternatives to more hazardous chemicals, and should provide the public with sufficient information to understand how well chemical risks are being managed.

  • The Toxicology Forum: 44th Annual Winter Meeting


    3 Feb 2020

    During the Toxicology Forum on Monday, January 27, 2020,  a session focused on the new methodologies in risk characterization of PFAS as well as challenges and opportunities in PFAS research.

  • Many eco-friendly takeout bowls contain dangerous chemicals linked to cancer and infertility


    6 Aug 2019 | Brinkwire

    It means these bowls are not compostable or biodegradable – meaning they will remain on earth for several generations and beyond.

  • Blog post: FDA must abandon flawed assumptions when reviewing safety of PFAS uses in food


    5 Aug 2019 | Environmental Defense Fund Blog

    All the PFAS uses allowed by FDA that we reviewed had estimated exposures exceeding the most protective minimal risk level for PFOS proposed by the CDC.

  • Farmers losing everything after ‘forever chemicals’ turned up in their food


    2 Jul 2019 | BuzzFeed News

    ’Forever chemicals’ linked to cancer are turning up in farm produce across the country, leading farms to lay off workers, incinerate cranberry harvests, kill cows, and dump thousands of gallons of dairy milk. Such long-lived "fluorinated" compounds have been measured in the drinking water in over 600 locations in 43 states, near factories or military bases that use them in firefighting foams…

  • FDA confirms PFAS chemicals are in the US food supply


    7 Jun 2019 | CNN

    The US Food and Drug Administration confirmed that PFAS chemicals have made their way into the US food supply... the FDA publicly acknowledged the initial findings of the agency’s investigation into how the ‘forever chemicals’ have been detected in the foods we eat. PFAS is a family of nearly 5,000 synthetic chemicals that are extremely persistent in the environment and in our bodies.

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