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  • Michigan: Recommended PFAS health-based drinking water values


    27 Jun 2019

    Michigan Science Advisory Workgroup's recommended health-based drinking water values for 7 PFAS.  This information will be used to develop regulatory drinking water standards for PFAS by April 2020.

  • New Hampshire: Updated PFAS MCLs


    27 Jun 2019

    New Hampshire announced updated, lower PFAS MCLs.

  • Senate vote requires military, EPA to deal with harmful 'forever chemicals'


    27 Jun 2019

    The Senate passed the 2020 Defense Spending Bill including a bipartisan amendment that would commission the U.S. Geological Survey to track PFAS contamination nationwide and require public utilities to test drinking water for PFAS. The House is expected to vote on this legislation in July.

  • Michigan eyes toughest limits for some PFAS in drinking water


    25 Jun 2019 | MLive

    “LANSING, MI — Michigan could have some of the nation’s toughest drinking water limits for toxic fluorochemicals called PFAS if goals proposed by a state scientific workgroup survive the environmental rulemaking process unchanged and become law. On Thursday, June 27, the Michigan PFAS Action Response Team (MPART) received “health-based values” for seven separate PFAS compounds from an advisory panel tasked with recommending regulatory limits for the chemicals in public water supplies…

  • Wisconsin grapples with ‘green’ waste plants that spread hazardous PFAS


    23 Jun 2019 | Wisconsin State Journal

    Wisconsin pollution regulators have come to realize that sludge from wastewater treatment plants may be spreading hazardous industrial chemicals in ways that could increase health risks. Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District injects 37 million gallons of sludge into soil each year but doesn't test for PFAS.

  • Occurrence and Distribution of Organic and Inorganic Pollutants in Groundwater


    22 Jun 2019 | Water Environ. Res.

    A comprehensive review of studies published in 2018, dealing with groundwater and pollution.

  • Wisconsin: Dept. of Health Services recommends 20 ppt groundwater quality standard for PFOA and PFOS


    21 Jun 2019

    The Wisconsin Department of Health Services issued its recommendations for groundwater quality standards for PFOA and PFOS.

  • PFAS chemical contamination will cost Alaska millions


    20 Jun 2019 | Juneau Empire

    “PFAS contamination is a widespread problem in Alaska and the U.S., and addressing it is going to be costly. ... This fiscal year, two state departments... have so far spent almost $1 million collectively on PFAS-related costs, according to department figures. About 10 times that could be spent around the state over the next five years…

  • The hunt for PFAS turns to Michigan farms using human waste as fertilizer


    19 Jun 2019 | MLive

    The hunt for PFAS in Michigan is turning to farm fields, where concerns are growing about possible contamination in treated human waste used as fertilizer. This month, scientists are analyzing test results from more than a dozen state agricultural sites that received the the fertilizer from wastewater treatment plants that were flagged in 2018 for high concentrations of the chemicals flowing into their systems from industrial sources or landfills...

  • Development of an oral reference dose for the perfluorinated compound GenX


    18 Jun 2019 | J Appl Toxicol

    An oral reference dose was developed for GenX to aid risk assessors and regulators in establishing a health-protective drinking water standard.

  • On Japan’s Okinawa, U.S. military is accused of contaminating environment with hazardous chemical


    17 Jun 2019 | Washington Post

    The U.S. military on the Japanese island of Okinawa is facing accusations of environmental contamination after high levels of a carcinogenic chemical were found in the rivers around a U.S. air base and in the blood of local residents, according to a new study.

  • Amid PFAS nightmare, unlikely activists are born in Michigan


    14 Jun 2019 | Bridge Magazine

    That none of them can easily pronounce the name of the conference they’re attending says as much about their unlikely roles in fighting PFAS toxins as do their real jobs –  moms, a teacher, an office assistant, a psychologist for people with disabilities…

  • PFAS Nation: Toxic discharges suspected from almost 500 industrial facilities across U.S.


    11 Jun 2019

    At least 475 industrial facilities across the nation could be discharging the toxic fluorinated compounds known as PFAS into the air and water, according to an EWG analysis of government data... [This] count of industrial sites does not include 446 public water systems known to be contaminated with PFAS, more than 100 military installations with known or suspected water contamination identified by the Pentagon, or hundreds of Defense Department fire training stations with known or suspected use of PFAS-based firefighting foam, identified by the Intercept...

  • Australian researchers make PFAS breakthrough


    7 Jun 2019 | Australian Defence Magazine

    The problem of cleaning up toxic polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) pollution has seen a breakthrough in the discovery of a new low-cost, safe and environmentally friendly method that removes PFAS from water. PFAS pollution does not break down readily in the environment and was extensively used in fire-fighting foams at airports and Defence sites, resulting in contaminated ground and surface water…

  • Tap Water Contributions to Plasma Concentrations of Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in a Nationwide Prospective Cohort of U.S. Women


    6 Jun 2019 | Environ. Health Perspect.

    Drinking contaminated water was a statistically significant predictor of elevated PFOA and PFNA blood plasma levels in a women cohort study.