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  • Communities Petition EPA to Regulate Hazardous PFAS Chemicals


    16 Jan 2020

    The Green Science Policy Institute is petitioning the EPA to list hundreds of PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated chemicals) as hazardous wastes under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

  • State fines Air Force $1.7M over base wastewater monitoring near Clovis


    9 Jan 2020 | Santa Fe New Mexican

    Under the New Mexican state law, the Air Force is supposed to monitor its wastewater but has failed to do so. Aside from PFAS chemicals, the wastewater likely contains other pollutants, including nitrate, chloride, Kjeldahl nitrogen and dissolved metals that exceed state standards.

  • Alabama school system prepares to sue over 3M contamination


    26 Dec 2019 | AP News

    News outlets reported that Decatur’s school system has filed notice saying it plans to sue over industrial toxins leaking from the one-time landfill beneath the former Brookhaven Middle School. Chemicals are leaking into a creek, groundwater and the Tennessee River, the system contends.

  • ‘Dark Waters’ just the tip of the iceberg


    22 Nov 2019 | The Boston Globe

    What happened to Parkersburg is a tragedy — tens of thousands of people were poisoned by a cancer-causing chemical called PFOA. What’s more tragic is that Parkersburg is far from alone.

  • Mark Ruffalo hopes his ‘Dark Waters’ film leads to environmental ‘revolution’


    20 Nov 2019 | Roll Call

    “Are we a country that is going to be responsive to people and make sure that our people remain healthy?” star of the upcoming film “Dark Waters,” asked a crowd gathered Tuesday on Capitol Hill. “Or are we going to be responsible only to the bottom line of corporations and their greed? Because right now the people are losing.”

  • ‘Forever chemicals’ legacy weighs on Chemours’ future


    4 Nov 2019 | Bloomberg Environment

    Estimates of Chemours’ liabilities related to PFAS, range from the company’s figure of up to $802 million, to one analyst’s calculation of more than $160 billion—more than 15 times the company’s highest-ever market capitalization.

  • PFAS solution IN (or OUT) of the NDAA?


    1 Nov 2019 | National Law Review

    Read the full article by Steven Barringer and Katie Reed (National Law Review) “As legislative days dwindle, Congress is in a full sprint to pass the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) (related blog post), among several other must-pass bills. Controversial issues, such as border wall funding, military actions related to Iran, PFAS, among others, have bedeviled congressional…

  • [Audio] PFAS chemicals, and you


    1 Nov 2019 | Science Friday

    Science Friday: Conversation with Robert Bilott and Sharon Lerner

  • Up to 40,000 to sue Australian Government over PFAS contamination


    29 Oct 2019 |

    The largest class action ever launched in Australia will be filed against the Federal Government by Christmas. The lawyers will argue that residents living in PFAS contaminated areas have seen their property prices fall, in some cases by up to 50 per cent. They believe the Federal Government should provide enough compensation to allow residents to leave these unsafe communities.

  • Michigan hires private lawyers also pushing opioid cases for PFAS lawsuit


    23 Oct 2019 | Legal Newsline

    Fields PLLC of Washington, D.C. will head Michigan’s PFAS case. Previously, Richard Fields found major success in asbestos and breast implant litigation by taking on the insurance companies that issued policies to the corporate defendants.

  • ‘Dark Waters’ brings awareness to PFAS water contamination litigation


    15 Oct 2019 | Legal Examiner

    A new movie scheduled to be released in November 2019, follows the story of how the American company DuPont knowingly poisoned 70,000 residents for decades. Currently, lawsuit against DuPont, 3M, and other companies are being filled for their alleged role in other water contamination crisis.

  • Judge asks for crash course in the science of PFAS chemicals


    4 Oct 2019 | Bloomberg Environment

    A judge in South Carolina before embarking on a major “forever chemicals” case is asking to arrange a crash course.These types of ‘Science Days’ becoming more frequent in complex liability suits.

  • Federal judge’s ruling allows class action suit against PFAS makers to proceed


    3 Oct 2019 | EWG Press Release

    This class action includes every U.S. resident with detectable levels of PFAS chemicals in their blood and who have claimed they have been injured as a result of being exposed.

  • 3M suit aims to block tougher PFAS standards for water in NH


    1 Oct 2019 | GateHouse Media

    Chemical company 3M – along with the Plymouth Water & Sewer District, a Center Harbor farmer and a second company – filed a lawsuit against the state Department of Environmental Services seeking to block the implementation of new standards for a series of PFAS chemicals.

  • DuPont looks to kill $4B chemours liability-offloading suit


    18 Sep 2019 | Law 360

    DuPont is asking a court to end a $4 billion suit by spinoff Chemours over ballooning environmental liabilities.

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