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  • DuPont owes $50 million in PFAS cancer cases, jury finds


    3 Mar 2020 | Bloomberg Environment

    This combined trial is the first since the company entered a $670.7 million settlement to end roughly 3,500 pending cases in 2017 for plaintiffs seeking damages. These verdicts now set the tone for roughly 50 other suits piling up in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio.

  • EPA conducting criminal investigations into industries’ handling of PFAS chemicals


    27 Feb 2020 | EWG Press Release

    In an update to its 2020 PFAS Action Plan, the EPA included details about the new probes, stating it “has multiple criminal investigations underway concerning PFAS-related pollution.”

  • Airport enters multi-district PFAS lawsuit


    13 Feb 2020 | MVTimes

    The airport is attempting to recoup mitigation expenses spent making sure neighbors of the airport property have clean and safe water to drink.

  • New PFAS toxic chemical injury cases against DuPont being tried in Columbus federal court


    12 Feb 2020 | The Columbus Dispatch

    Thousands of people were awarded millions of dollars from DuPont de Nemours, Inc. in a settlement after their drinking water was contaminated. However, now about 60 people who have since developed testicular and kidney cancers are suing the company in hopes of getting compensation.

  • State orders 3M to form new plan to contain PFAS at Oakdale site after water contamination found


    16 Jan 2020 | INFORUM

    The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has discovered that potentially harmful chemicals are still leaching into surface water from a former 3M waste disposal site in Oakdale, despite the company’s efforts to contain them.

  • Alabama school system prepares to sue over 3M contamination


    26 Dec 2019 | AP News

    News outlets reported that Decatur’s school system has filed notice saying it plans to sue over industrial toxins leaking from the one-time landfill beneath the former Brookhaven Middle School. Chemicals are leaking into a creek, groundwater and the Tennessee River, the system contends.

  • Commentary: What ‘Dark Waters’ reveals about corporate science


    2 Dec 2019 | Chicago Tribune

    When government agencies consider potentially harmful exposures and activities... they should insist the regulated industries... be required to pay for the research, but the studies... be conducted by scientists without conflicts of interest, under provisions that ensure their complete independence.

  • What ‘Dark Waters’ reveals about corporate science


    26 Nov 2019 | Bloomberg Opinion

    When the first public concerns abound the compound emerged, DuPont did what too many corporations do: They took a page from Big Tobacco’s playbook and hired a firm to sow doubt about the scientific evidence.

  • ‘Dark Waters’ just the tip of the iceberg


    22 Nov 2019 | The Boston Globe

    What happened to Parkersburg is a tragedy — tens of thousands of people were poisoned by a cancer-causing chemical called PFOA. What’s more tragic is that Parkersburg is far from alone.

  • [Audio] PFAS chemicals, and you


    1 Nov 2019 | Science Friday

    Science Friday: Conversation with Robert Bilott and Sharon Lerner

  • PFAS exposure may increase risk of breast cancer


    24 Oct 2019 | EWG News

    To reduce the risk of breast cancer and other health impacts from PFAS, Congress should include in the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2020 provisions that would quickly phase out the use of PFAS in military firefighting foam, reduce industrial discharges of PFAS, require reporting and monitoring for PFAS in ground and surface water, and jump-start the cleanup process under Superfund.

  • Shapiro: ‘Legal action’ coming for companies tied to PFAS drinking water contamination


    23 Oct 2019 | The Intelligencer

    Attorney General Josh Shapiro says his office will file legal action in the coming months against companies that made firefighting foams. Chemicals found in the foams have contaminated Bucks and Montgomery County communities.

  • Michigan hires private lawyers also pushing opioid cases for PFAS lawsuit


    23 Oct 2019 | Legal Newsline

    Fields PLLC of Washington, D.C. will head Michigan’s PFAS case. Previously, Richard Fields found major success in asbestos and breast implant litigation by taking on the insurance companies that issued policies to the corporate defendants.

  • Lawsuit wants tough PFAS drinking water standards in NH scrapped


    18 Oct 2019 | Associated Press

    Lawyers for 3M, a farmer and several others urged a judge to scrap drinking water standards in the state that go far beyond federal limits for toxic chemicals.

  • Federal judge’s ruling allows class action suit against PFAS makers to proceed


    3 Oct 2019 | EWG Press Release

    This class action includes every U.S. resident with detectable levels of PFAS chemicals in their blood and who have claimed they have been injured as a result of being exposed.