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  • Maine dairy farmer’s blood tests high for ‘forever chemicals’ from toxic sludge


    16 Aug 2019 | York County Coast Star

    Blood tests performed on Arundel dairy farmer Fred Stone show levels of the “forever chemicals” 20 times the national average more than two years after he and his wife stopped drinking the milk and water on the farm.

  • DuPont says N.J. toxic mess caused by U.S. government ordering chemicals for WW1 and WW2


    5 Aug 2019 | NJ Advance Media

    In court filings, the company says the federal government ordered millions of pounds of chemicals to be produced at four sites across New Jersey during the two World Wars. Because that work was done under a federal contract, DuPont argues that it does not have liability in recent lawsuits filed against the company by New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal.

  • Next President must address water crisis


    1 Aug 2019 | The Detroit News

    While they are in our state, the presidential candidates will be surrounded by the Great Lakes. But despite being surrounded by the world’s largest freshwater supply in the world, the sad irony is that right now in Michigan, many families don’t have access to clean drinking water in their homes.

  • Michigan is tiptoeing around PFAS in dairy agriculture


    30 Jul 2019 | MLive

    Michigan punted on testing an Allegan County dairy farm because it worried about killing the farmer’s business.

  • Corporations behind toxic ‘forever chemicals’ spend big as lawmakers seek to crack down


    25 Jul 2019 | E.A. Crunden

    Manufacturers of toxic nonstick chemicals are ramping up lobbying efforts in the face of heightened lawmaker scrutiny of the products.

  • Ardmore refinery sues chemical manufacturers for toxic ‘forever chemical’


    25 Jul 2019 | The Frontier

    An Oklahoma petroleum refinery has sued several chemical manufacturers and fire suppression equipment companies for damages it expects to incur because of a type of chemical that was used in the fire-extinguishing foam stored and used at the refinery.

  • Federal PFAS hearing to focus on ‘widespread industrial contamination’


    22 Jul 2019 | MLive

    PFAS pollution across a 25-square mile swath of West Michigan traced to Wolverine World Wide’s manufacturing over decades raises questions of federal policy, state action and corporate responsibility… Sandy Wynn-Stelt’s home is just yards from a former Wolverine dump that is poisoning her water. Her blood tested at 750 times the…

  • 3M could face huge cleanup costs over substance in Scotchgard


    15 Jul 2019 | Star Tribune

    New federal laws will soon address a national chemical pollution problem and could put 3M and other producers of PFAS into a multibillion-dollar financial bind.

  • 3M to test for more chemicals leaking into river in Decatur


    8 Jul 2019 | Alabama Media Group

    3M has agreed to test three closed landfills near its Decatur plant on the Tennessee River to see whether they may still be releasing PFOA and PFOS into the river or groundwater.

  • 3M stock is the biggest loser in the Dow today. This is why


    5 Jul 2019 | Barron’s

    3M has hit a rough patch, facing new environmental liabilities at the same time that global economic growth is slowing. The concerns have led investors to sell 3M stock (ticker: MMM), driving down its price by more than 20% from its 52-week high. 

  • PFAS Nation: Toxic discharges suspected from almost 500 industrial facilities across U.S.


    11 Jun 2019

    At least 475 industrial facilities across the nation could be discharging the toxic fluorinated compounds known as PFAS into the air and water, according to an EWG analysis of government data... [This] count of industrial sites does not include 446 public water systems known to be contaminated with PFAS, more than 100 military installations with known or suspected water contamination identified by the Pentagon, or hundreds of Defense Department fire training stations with known or suspected use of PFAS-based firefighting foam, identified by the Intercept...

  • New Hampshire sues 3M, DuPont, 6 other companies over PFAS contamination


    29 May 2019 | Union Leader

    The state of New Hampshire is taking some of the biggest chemical companies in the world to court, seeking hundreds of millions of dollars to clean up groundwater and other forms of contamination from a group of highly toxic chemicals used in everything from firefighting foam to Teflon pans.

  • Companies refuse to pay clean-up costs mandated by New Jersey directive


    16 May 2019 | Chemical Watch

    Four major chemical companies operating in New Jersey have said they will not pay for a statewide investigation and clean up of PFASs contamination. Their refusal comes despite being ordered to do so via a directive from the state’s Department of Environmental Protection…

  • Participant Reactions to Medical Screening: A Survey of Satisfaction With the C8 (PFOA) Health Project


    15 May 2019 | New Solutions

    Responses to the 2005-2006 C8 Health Project, indicate strong positive assessments of project benefits.

  • Michigan AG plans to sue 3M over PFAS crisis


    9 May 2019 | woodtv

    Michigan Attorney General announced Thursday she will pursue litigation against Minnesota-based 3M, the maker of PFAS that has contaminated wells and waterways across the state… 3M produced PFAS for decades for products like Scotchgard and firefighting foam…